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How to Live the High Life: A Situational Guide to Recreational Marijuana

By David Jenison

Long ago, a visiting politician from Europe saw all the free-flowing booze in New York City and asked when Prohibition was set to take effect. Ironically, the ban on alcohol was almost a decade old at the time. Someone could say the same thing today about cannabis, which eight more states legalized on some level in November despite the ongoing federal prohibition. Embracing the green rush involves some measure of risk, but quasi-legalization has sparked an innovation boom characterized by everything from THC-spiked gourmet cuisine to Steve Jobs–worthy technology and design. The days of bongs and bowls are over for plugged-in consumers who want to modernize their stash with the latest vape pens, edibles, body lotions and lovemaking lubricants. When properly paired, these tech-savvy lifestyle products can enrich a wide range of activities, from concert-going and camping to pool partying and jet-setting. But what goes best with what? Find out here. 

Foria Pleasure Lubricant
Whoever thinks academia is boring missed The Journal of Sex Research study that claims marijuana smoking “enhances sexual pleasure and increases sexual desire.” Sure, a full-body edible high does the trick, but Foria Pleasure lubricant takes it to the next level, getting your girlfriend’s very specific body part stoned. No, it’s not voodoo; that part of her anatomy can actually absorb cannabis into the bloodstream, which promotes relaxation and heightened sensation.
A 10-milliliter bottle goes for $38.

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