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  • FORIA + Flow Kana
FORIA + Flow Kana

 As harvest season is upon us, the FORIA team is thrilled to announce our partnership with Flow Kana, one of California’s premier cannabis brands. In California, all of FORIA’s products (Pleasure, Relief, Explore) are made from sun-grown, triple-tested cannabis flower sourced from the Flow Kana network of small craft family farms in the Emerald Triangle. This farm-to-facility relationship ensures product purity & responsible environmental practices, so we can all feel good about feeling good with FORIA.

Flow Kana is leading a people-powered movement that unites high-quality craft cannabis farmers so they can compete against “corporate cannabis.” With 53,000 small canna-farmers, California could easily meet the needs of the expanding cannabis market — no need for giant monocrop farms or corporate grow-ops. Flow Kana’s network of small cannabis farms have operated sustainably for years — often for more than a generation — so they’ve perfected permaculture techniques that enhance soil & biodiversity while preserving California’s precious mountain streams & forests.

As the cannabis industry expands and large companies rush to cash in, there’s a very real danger that purity and sustainability will be trampled by greed. Indoor grows consume tremendous amounts of energy & water, and reckless outdoor grows can destroy virgin forest and delicate watersheds while sending pesticides and chemical fertilizers downstream.

That’s why FORIA trusts the Flow Kana network of farms to supply our cannabis ingredients. Each of these small pristine outdoor farms is vetted for purity & sustainability. These farms are all exclusively sungrown and use beyond organic and sustainable cultivation practices utilizing tools like winter rain-catchment to water their crops. The craft farmers of Northern California’s Emerald Triangle have always focused on purity & quality, breeding unique strains optimized for their beneficial effects and exquisite aroma & flavor. In addition to Flow Kana’s lab-testing at intake, FORIA also tests our final product after formulation, ensuring that everything you put in your body is free of solvents and chemical pesticides & fertilizers.

Ultimately, FORIA and Flow Kana view the world holistically. Our bodies and our environment are one system, so we treat Mother Earth with the same respect & care we give to our own precious bodies. This caring intention flows through every choice we make, adding up to a healthier world, inside and out.


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