More than 84 percent of women experience menstrual pain, according to a study in the Journal of Pain Research. Now, those who live in states where medical marijuana has been legalized have a pain-relieving option beyond herb tea, Midol or Vicodin: marijuana suppositories.

The new product, called Foria RELIEF, is a cannabis-infused vaginal suppository made with organic cocoa-butter base mixed with oil. According to the manufacturer, which also makes a cannabis-spiked sexual lubricant, marijuana helps diminish pain and muscle cramping. The pelvic region responds especially well because it has more cannabinoid receptors than anywhere else in the body except the brain. Because the remedy is applied near the area where it’s needed, the company says side effects will be minimal. Most importantly, the topical formula is not psychoactive (it doesn’t affect your behavior), so it can be used at work or anywhere else you’d prefer not to be stoned. 

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Pot for menstrual pain is nothing new. Queen Victoria was reportedly given the stuff—orally, not vaginally—to ease her menstrual cramps. Now, we lowly commoners have the opportunity to join her (provided we live in one of the 23 states where medical marijuana is legal). 


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