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Musings on pleasure, intimacy and wellness
Foria & Dixie Brand Inc.


Foria and Dixie blaze an edgy trail with the announcement of a new partnership to bring cannabis infused sexual enhancement products to a larger market of women and cannabis users alike, while continuing to elevate industry standards, keeping consumer safety top of mind. 


JULY 13, 2015 / DENVER, CO - Beginning in July, Dixie Elixirs and Edibles (Dixie), the most trusted source for innovative, safe, and effective cannabis products, will commence manufacturing and distributing Foria, the leading name in cannabis infused sexual enhancement products, in Colorado with future states to follow shortly thereafter. The added infrastructure that Dixie can offer will allow greater scalability for Foria, providing reach to many more women who may benefit from this breakthrough product; while Dixie adds an entirely new category to its already robust set of cannabis delivery systems.

Over the past 16 months, thousands of patients and consumers have learned first-hand the benefits of Foria, a cannabis-infused sexual enhancement product designed for women. Foria patients and consumers report enhanced sensual pleasure and diminished pain across a broad spectrum of sexual and physical challenges. At the same time, Dixie Elixirs & Edibles, a Dixie Brands Inc. company and creator of the world famous Dixie Elixirs, has mainstream media calling them ‘the future of cannabis’ for their innovative work with infused products, their attention to consumer safety and support for regulatory standards.

Mathew Gerson, Director of Wellness and the developer of Foria comments, “This was a relationship that couldn’t have come at a better time for our two companies as Foria was searching for scalability while Dixie continues to drive the standards of quality and innovation in cannabis. Over the past year we have been overwhelmed by testimonials from users that speak to the positive effects that Foria has had on their intimate lives. Our partnership with Dixie provides a best-in-class infrastructure and caring hands allowing us to meet the unique needs of our rapidly growing community of users. We couldn’t be happier with this exciting new partnership.”

Foria and Dixie both share a passion for leveraging health and wellness and de-stigmatizing cannabis world-wide. However, Foria made the decision to enter into partnership with Dixie Brands Inc. for their industry-leading practices, including large scale, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, triple-testing quality standards, as well as their distribution network and manufacturing competencies. Foria has attracted the attention of world renowned clinical researchers as well as MD’s specializing in human sexual health, and they believe this new partnership will engage these researchers in further testing and new product development.

“We know we are the right company to help Foria reach its full potential, and that we can bring this product to women, and their partners, around the country,” added Tripp Keber, Dixie Brands, Inc. CEO. “At Dixie, we don’t feel the need to invent everything from scratch as we are most interested in bringing best-in-class products to a wider audience, whether those products are something we develop in house or through great partners like Foria. The goal is to bring cannabinoid based-solutions to the market that are innovative, safe and effective —and Foria hits those marks in every category. We are proud to add Foria to the portfolio of Dixie Brands products.”


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