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First Harvest Financial Speaks on the Burgeoning Medical Marijuana Industry

"Marijuana 'Sex Spray' Product Helps Woman Enjoy Better Sex"

Marijuana is now being used in what newspapers are calling the “pot sex spray”, a product which promises to use the relaxing properties of cannabis to help women to relax and enjoy better, more enjoyable sex.

The spray, called Foria was only available through a doctor’s prescription in California, but is on general  sale to members of the public in Colorado. The [topical] spray is made from an edible, coconut oil-based spray and is meant to be sprayed onto genitals 30 minutes before intercourse.


It’s just another example of a burgeoning medical marijuana industry that is flourishing in states where marijuana is freely available. It’s not just the herb that’s in demand: it’s also scented candles, candies, lotions and a whole array of cannabis-themed products that use marijuana.


The sex spray itself is receiving positive results, with one user, Rosen, saying “We tried it together—and she loved it!”. Foria is also gaining fans in Denver, who are offering tongue-in-cheek “mile high” massages with pot-infused oil to clients, which have met with rave reviews for their very relaxing nature.

Users might love Foria, but not as much as those selling it. Retailing at a cool $44-$50 per 10ml, Foria offers a larger 30ml bottle ranging anywhere from $88-$100. The sex spray is sold in California to patients with medical marijuana cards and in Colorado to both the medical and recreational markets.


To read the full article at First Harvest Financial, click here.


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