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Musings on pleasure, intimacy and wellness
@Peak Love & Sex: Weed & The Deed

Marijuana in All Forms is the

Latest Prescription for Sexual Healing

by Amanda Green

The storied (if technically illegal) practice of smoking up and getting down has moved into the mainstream. Now legal in Alaska, Colorado, D.C., Oregon, and Washington, marijuana has fascinating effects on women, men and sex. 

WOMEN: We may be more sensitive to the pain-relieving effects of cannabis - but we develop a tolerance more quickly. (Drug and Alcohol Dependence)

COUPLES: The couple who tokes together is less likely to get into physical altercations. (Psychology of Addictive Behaviors)

LUBE: THC-infused lube Foria aims to increase sensitivity and relaxation (and maybe help with multiple orgasms?) without actually getting users high. But it can't be used with latex condoms, as the oil can cause latex to break down.

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