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Musings on pleasure, intimacy and wellness
Time to Get Intimate

"Lucky for us, Foria arrived in Colorado!" -Fox & Nug

"Encouraging provocative and enlightening conversations about cannabis, health, humanity, mother nature, and the human spirit."
Foria Colorado Product Review | January Issue 2015

"A delicate mist arouses my interest it felt like silk running down my body. This was already a completely different experience from the glycerin based lubes I’m more familiar with.
"I can feel everything, every last inch of him , and I feel deeply relaxed."
"I reach multiple orgasms, each one a unique and completely euphoric climax. Each one lasting several moments, followed by deep relaxation and more euphoria. He keeps up, he’s absolutely loving it, and we both finish on the highest note."
"Laying there, completely and utterly satisfied, I realized that I had been so involved in the experience I didn’t even stop to think about crafting my review, I crawlback on top of him and say, ‘But wait! How does it feel for you?’
He smiles and says, 'Like paradise.'"
“…the beginning of a stoney sexual revolution, I truly believe Foria is a cannabis infused lube worth experimenting with in this lifetime. And I foresee that you will love Foria enough to make it a staple in your stash box too!”
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