Will it make my nipples numb? Can I stick it up my anus? These and other burning questions weighed heavy on this next reviewee prior to her first encounter with Foria. I knew she wasn’t the demographic Matthew Gerson had in mind when he created Foria, but it seemed only right that someone with full access to her pleasure center should get to see what Foria has to offer.


If Foria can be such a revelation for women that have had trouble achieving pleasure, then what might it be able to do for a women in full command of her sexual powers? 


We gave our friend Liz a 22oz bottle in the hopes of finding out.


“About 30 minutes lapsed between learning Foria existed and me playing Mario Kart on my Wii while waiting for it to ” kick in” so I could masturbate. Needless to say I was super pumped and my mind was wandering…should I try this on my asshole…will this make my nipples numb…does it taste good? 

During my 3rd lap of the Koopa Cape, I started thinking about how nice it would be to fuck in the digital waterfall I was driving through and how starving I was…then I realized it was probably time to get down to business.
I threw on some porn and got into it just like I usually do and it was great just like it usually is so I’m not sure if it was the Foria making my orgasm so great or just the fact that I tend to have great orgasms. It was certainly a lovely texture and smelled nice and did something to me mentally to know I was using such a specialized product. It definitely made me super horny, which was made evident in how filthy the porn was that I chose, but I did not feel the typical affects of  “being high.”
I’m interested to try this again and to maybe up the spray dosage. It’s got potential for fun…and yes, ladies, it does make your nipples numb. In a good way.”
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