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Musings on pleasure, intimacy and wellness
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Craving better orgasms? Or just craving orgasms, period? You’re not alone.

Pleasure is a right, not a privilege, and Matthew Gerson, formerly of Sir Richard’s Condoms, created Foria, a cannabis-infused natural lubricant, on that premise. I chatted with him about the rollout of his breakthrough product, the epidemic of anorgasmic women, and how we can begin to shift the paradigm toward pleasure. (Full disclosure, Matthew is a friend of mine.)

Stefanie Weiss: What inspired the creation of FORIA?

Matthew Gerson:  Foria was inspired by a long walk on the beach. Seriously though, it was during my dawn dog walks that I began to think about the possibility of using cannabis in a way that might address the needs of 50 percent of the adult female population in the U.S.

I spent a few years running the Sir Richard’s Condom Co. and during that time had the opportunity to speak with thousands of people about their intimate lives. During that time it was brought to my attention how unbalanced the FDA has been with regards to putting out safe and effective medicines for female sexual challenges. My personal use of cannabis as a sensual enhancer led me to research its historical use as an aphrodisiac, which dates back thousands of years into Asia. This is a plant that has been identified by countless cultures for its benefits to human sexuality and our quest for heightened pleasure and wellness.

SW: Why do you think that Viagra/Cialis et al. have been approved and on the market for so many years, and nothing exists for women?

MG: One of the books I was reading when developing Foria was “What Women Really Want, The Science of Female Desire.” It takes a deep look at the sexual issues facing women in the U.S. and has a pretty critical assessment of the FDA’s handling of what appears to be a national crisis. There is a great organization that is bringing attention to the disparity and possible latent sexism at the FDA. This is a very charged and complex subject and I recommend checking them out and supporting their efforts. (

I see sexual health and orgasm as a part of the arc of wellness that we are all seeking in our lives. This seems to be the emergent trend within modern medical circles. Historically sexuality was left out of the conversation on basic approaches to health and wellness and was something that had to be hidden from view. This compartmentalizing has created huge obstacles for us as a culture to overcome, ones that we are only now starting to recognize.

Read the rest of the interview here.

  • CannabisFDA is Sexistfemale viagraHealthNatures AphrodisiacOrgasmPresssexual dysfunctionsexual health

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