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10 Sex Facts June (GLAMOUR MAGAZINE)


"The power of a medicinal plant at your fingertips ..." Vegan, organic, gluten-free and paraben- Foria , lubricant medical cannabis made ​​in California and coconut oil not only promises to be100 % natural and plant but also to bring women in 7th heaven, with its concentration of THC and other cannabinoids present in its composition. Spray applied directly on the vagina, clitoris and mucous membranes, this lubricant to the essence of cannabis promises - evidence to support (see video below), incredible and multiple orgasms. Indeed, for Matthew Gerson , founder of the brand Foria , cannabis is a "therapeutic aphrodisiac" little known"Like any aphrodisiac, cannabis subtle properties that can increase or decrease certain qualities already present in your body . " If Gerson insists and emphasizes "the unique experience" , which depends on each woman's personal feelings and side "relaxing"lubricant, there is a small problem before making our vagina stone :foria is only available to California residents, with a prescription from their doctor. Well, it will take a bit before having the pleasure of tasting the powers of this small bottle that sells for 88 dollars! (Or mini size 5 doses at $ 25 ...)


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