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  • Cannabis-Laced Lube Can Help You Have Multiple Orgasms (SHAPE Magazine)
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Cannabis-Laced Lube Can Help You Have Multiple Orgasms (SHAPE Magazine)

We’ve heard of pot brownies, but apparently there’s a surprising new way to ingest marijuana: vaginally. Yes, you read that right. Foria, created by the Aphrodite Group, a California group that provides medical marijuana, is a cannabis-infused sensual enhancement oil that claims to increase sexual pleasure, and even promises multiple orgasms. (The name is a play on euphoria.) And considering there are 24 FDA-approved drugs for male sexual pleasure available but none for women, we were intrigued by the news.

Marijuana has been used for centuries by ancient tribes as a medicinal aphrodisiac to increase libido. And according to the Aphrodite Group, testing has shown that women experience a variety of sensations, including feeling hot "down there," swelling of the clitoris, and tingling when using Foria. (Curious what cannabis does to your mind? Check out Your Brain On: Marijuana.)

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  • OrgasmPresssexual health

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