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  • Cannabis Lube Exists And Promises To Get Your Vagina High (Elite Daily)
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Cannabis Lube Exists And Promises To Get Your Vagina High (Elite Daily)

Foria, a new cannabis oil-infused lubricant that the product’s website calls “therapeutic sensual enhancement,” gives women deeper physical sensations and more intense sexual satisfaction.

Foria is edible and can be used by both sexes, but it was designed especially for women, focusing mainly on improving the sensations in the vagina, inner and outer labia and clitoris.

Most women reported feeling tingling sensations, relaxation, an increase in blood flow and enhanced warmth. It has also been reported to help women achieve longer-lasting, stronger and multiple orgasms.

People who tested the product ranged from ages 21 to 71 and consistently reported heightened sexual experiences.Foria’s FAQ page says,

“While younger more sexually active women often reported an overall heightening and intensification of experience both leading up to and including orgasm, older testers reported a sense of re-connecting with their sexuality, a greater ease in accessing climax followed by a restive nights sleep.”

This product is not intended to make you high. Rather, it is intended to give you a “high” that you might associate with feeling deeply connected to your partner.

Any effects experienced will be based on how Foria is used (orally or externally), how much of the product is used, your tolerance for THC and history of marijuana use, and the amount of time that passed since your last meal.

Foria is only available if you’re at least 18 years old, if you’re from California, and if you have a physician’s permission to purchase medical marijuana. A small bottle costs $88. It will be available in Washington and Colorado beginning in the summer and fall of 2014.

The product’s website recommends that you “experiment slowly” to learn what serving size is right for you and your body. And young people all over the US recommend that this product gets made available everywhere, immediately

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