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Four Trends for 420 / Culture Magazine


Little known fact—the U.S. government awarded a patent on cannabis up the pooper. It’s held by the country’s only federally licensed cannabis farmer, who works out of University of Mississippi.


UMiss’ Dr. Mahmoud ElSohly will tell you—suppositories are the most efficient route of administering cannabinoids for vomiting, pain relief, muscle spasms, and appetite, as well as depression and anxiety. But while federal prohibition stymies profiting from his patent—the suppository concept is out of the bag.

Celebrity entertainer Tommy Chong reportedly treated his colon cancer with cannabis suppositories. Internal formulations have been spotted at outlets in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado this Spring.

[Sidebar: Suppository Makers: California—PPH OrganiCanna, Deep Healers, Endoca CBD; Washington— CPC Suppositories, Oregon—Genesis Farms.]

California-based Foria rolls out Foria Relief vaginal suppositories in California and Colorado. Developed with a Los Angeles urologist and Foria volunteers, the 60 mg THC / 10 mg CBD suppository treats PMA pain and cramping like no other 21st century product, said Foria co-founder Matthew Gerson.

“Women with pelvic pain were reporting the ability to have pleasurable sex again,” he said. Patient reviews support the medical history, as well cell, animal trials and patient self-reports on cannabinoids for menstrual issues.

“Not only did my cramps ease up, but I felt good. Really good. There was no heady effect, but I felt serene. It was like if Ativan made a baby with Tylenol,” stated one reviewer.

The local-acting THC and CBD does not cause euphoria, Gerson said, so doctors are vetting Foria Relief for use in double-blind placebo-controlled trials.

If you can get past the taboo, taking Foria Relief rectally can help manage intractable lower back pain and spasms, and be an effective way to administer cannabinoids for anti-cancer regimens. Plus, rectal application can relax the sphincter, making anal sex more pleasurable, Gerson reports. “A lot of women have a G-spot that’s more posterior-oriented, but often there’s a discomfort that gets in the way of that pleasure.”

Just a head’s up—both Foria product products are made with coconut oil—which is not compatible with condoms.

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  • vaginal suppositoriesWomen's Health

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